Thursday, March 26, 2009


I love ballet - and if you're here, maybe you do too~

Welcome to my brand new blog! I've wanted to put together a website that includes my class calendar and could also be a place to post some thoughts and advice about dance as well as any cool links I find. So a blog is the perfect solution!

I've been a dance instructor for many years, since I was in college on the east coast and actually studied how to teach. My minor was in dance and I spent hundreds of hours in classes, performing and choreographing. When I got out of college, I took a job teaching ballet to teens and adults and I even had my own studio for a short time before I returned to graduate school in Boston.

While in Boston, I continued to study dance with several wonderful teachers and to perform with a small company. I also kept teaching when I could but I knew I wanted to put more time into my own career before I could really settle down and teach others. After a long break, during which time I worked in film and television in New York City and Los Angeles, I finally returned to teaching.

Now, I feel like I can fully devote myself to my students. And I do! I think anyone who talks to my students will learn that I really care about teaching properly. I want them all to love ballet, to want to work hard, to enjoy the form's beauty and simplicity. I am here to help them achieve their goals, whether that means improving technique, building stamina and strength, increasing flexibility, or advancing to a company.

If you're in the LA or Pasadena area, I hope you'll stop by either Downtown Dance Loft or Le Studio and join me for one of my classes. The calendar on this page will show you where and when I am teaching. And if you're just visiting virtually, bookmark this site for more posts about ballet in the future.

Cheers and welcome~

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