Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New videos! New link!

Check it out - videos for demi-plie and tendu! Thanks to my fab webmaster for putting them up on Vimeo and YouTube.

Also, take a peek at the left sidebar of the blog: just under my info and above the studio location is a link to the 5 Basic Positions of the Feet in ballet. Thanks to one of my new students for asking about it.

As I mentioned in my intro video, please feel free to post a comment or send me an email if you have any questions about dance that I can answer in a video or blog post!

Happy dancing~


MJ Diem said...

Loved the fit ballet video! I'm finally getting back into ballet after decades out. I've never stopped doing some pointe work, so I have a few skills, a very few. I managed to buy some pointe shoes, but aaarrrgghh - didn't go well. Turns out what I need are demi-pointe shoes. What's the best way to get them?
Keep rocking the ballet - you're awesome!!!

BalletLA said...

HI MJ! Thanks for coming by and checking out the videos! As for your question about shoes, you can buy demi-pointe (which many people think of as pre-pointe shoes) on line. Here is a link to a pair you can get at Back Bay Dance:

They are basically pointe shoes without the shank and can give you the feel of pointe without the full pointe work - good for barre but not center.

Thanks for the question! Keep dancing!!