Monday, July 13, 2009

Fit Ballet with Leigh - 5 Positions with Port de bras

Be sure to check out my older videos if you haven't had a chance:
Rond de jambe


Kelly said...

Love the arm positions video! (Giant baby head, indeed!) So now we need a demystification of all those pesky BODY positions. Epaule, efface, en evant, etc. Aie. It's enough to make a dance enthusiast hang up the ballet shoes and take up kick boxing.

BalletLA said...

You got it, Kelly! I'll be sure to do a body positions video post PLUS a frappe post, which I know you were also interested in. Flexed or pointed? Different schools teach different styles...

Thanks for watching and commenting!

Amelia said...

thx for the vids ! they're really great ! I'm already 17 and I'm just starting ballet but I'll work on it !!

Greetings from Munich, Germany :)

BalletLA said...

Thanks, Amelia! I'm glad you can use them! I've got plenty more coming up too. If you want to know about anything in particular, just ask and I can answer it here or in a video.

Congrats on starting ballet - it's something you can enjoy for the rest of your life!