Monday, August 24, 2009

Classroom surprises!

Every teacher wants to believe she gives a good class, one that anyone could enjoy at some level. If you are a beginner taking a more advanced class, then you should be able to learn from the better dancers, following along wherever you can. If you are an advanced student taking a beginner or intermediate level class, you should be able to work on placement and alignment and doing things properly.

But what happens when a professional walks into your class? On Friday night, I had the pleasurable surprise of dancer Colby Parsons from ABT taking my class. I don't know Colby personally and he was new to the studio so I think he was simply in town and looking for a class. As Melissa tells me, even pros need class. Colby was humble and kind with my students and above all, respectful of me as a teacher. When he wanted to add to a combination, he asked my permission first. He was very self-effacing when most of us told him how wonderful he was. He displayed no ego to any of us. He didn't leave early or do his own thing in a corner - and he even laughed when he made a mistake with a combination.

His professional demeanor and courteous behavior was a beacon of light shining on my students. They saw how a pro acts - and dances. And it made them step up their game. Every single one of my students had a better class because of his presence. They simply worked harder and smarter.

It was a wonderful class. I wish Colby the best of luck with his career and I'm very thankful he decided to take class with us while he was in town.

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