Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer dance intensive a success!

For the past two weeks, Melissa Waters and I have been working with some terrific students as part of a ballet intensive we put together at Le Studio - and it was a blast! We even choreographed a 2.5 minute piece on all fifteen girls, finishing it in a record 9 days. Huge kudos to Melissa who did the majority of the choreography while I stood on the sidelines and cheered her on!

My ninja webmaster, Mo (who films and cuts all of my technique videos) taped the last class and the piece itself and will hopefully get that up soon - here and on the studio's website. So look for that to come.

Melissa and I envisioned the intensive as the launching pad for the student company we're starting at Le Studio this fall (which is next week - whoa!). We've got some great students already and are hoping to entice a few more into the ranks. We've got an ambitious goal: to create a repertory of pieces that will ultimately result in a full-length "Alice in Wonderland." And in the meantime, we anticipate having a lot of opportunities to perform selections of it, including the marvelous "Tea Party" we did during the intensive.

I'll be posting a new video soon...not sure what the ninja has planned but I'm sure it will be awesome. And look for more info on the company!

Happy dancing~

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