Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So proud of my students...

While I'm happy for all of my students and I love to see them progress, I'm especially proud when they perform. Here are two recent examples:

--At the beginning of this year, Heather came to me and said she wanted to audition for a production of "42nd Street" in March. She'd been away from ballet for a while and knew she needed to get her alignment back. Not only did she get that show, but she just finished a run of "My Fair Lady" with the same theater company plus she served as dance captain! And she told me she has 2 more auditions lined up for winter shows. Although this means that I don't get to see her in class as often, I'm thrilled that she's following her dream!

--About a year ago, Holly began classes with me as a basic beginner. Never had any training but always wanted to dance. She applied herself, came to class consistently, and soared! She picked things up quickly and when she messed up, she'd laugh and keep trying. She has a great attitude which is a real plus when you're just starting out. Last week, she told me she'll be performing on-stage in a winter show that her young daughter is in. I'm so happy for her!

I count these two women as "success" stories insofar as THEY worked hard for their success. I may have served as a conduit to their goals but they did all the work!

Kudos to Heather and Holly - and to all of my students who work so hard!

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