Thursday, June 10, 2010

New video up soon!

I've been busy with "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," the ballet Melissa and I created for our student ballet company and which we performed a week ago. I've been bugging my web ninja to edit that video as well as a new one for my blog and YouTube channel so hopefully, I will get something new up within a week.

Question: should the next video for the blog be--

--glissade - a transitional step which moves from the 5th position through second and back to 5th
--pique - a striking action that prepares us to move across the floor
--sautes - small jumps in 1st position that we use in petit allegro

Any thoughts or opinions?


inge said...

Hola FitBallet.
How about little clips of your student performance.
i was in beautiful-artificial, serene-dead town of Pleasanton. Yes, so pleasant that there is absolutely nothing, but work. so, sadly...i missed the grand opening show.

anyway. i hope you get well soon.
see you soon on the dance floor.


BalletLA said...

Great idea, Inge! When it's done, I will put up some bits and pieces. Maybe I will post some still photos too.

:) happy dancing!!

Marnie said...

One little vote for the sautes, since we haven't learned the other two options yet in my intro class ... but whatever you can manage!

BalletLA said...

Sautes - they're fun and great to practice at home! Thank you for your vote, Marnie!