Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer price break at Le Studio!

Hi dance friends!

I'm thrilled to tell everyone that the price of my morning adult ballet classes is being *lowered* from now until September 6th!

Yes, lower!

Drop-in rate for a single class is now $17. For pros, it's $13 and for seniors, $15. And if you buy a class card, it's even more affordable! Yay, cheaper ballet classes. All of my morning classes have an accompanist too! Here's the schedule:

Monday 9-10:30AM - Beg/Int
Wednesday 9-10:30AM - Beg/Int
Friday 9-10:30AM - Int/Adv (this is a very fun and challenging class!)
Saturday 10-11:30AM - Open (sleep an extra hour and then start your weekend with ballet!)

Hope to see you there! Happy dancing~


Anonymous said...

Hello Leigh,
i miss you already...hehe.

Gosh Friday morning sounds awesome, cuz then i won't need to rush or be late in the evening for my other STUFF, but let's hope i wake my arse up and get to the class...bleak horizon; although, i really hope i would.
one of these days...

btw, is it more expensive in the AM than in the PM, can we not use the same class card?

see you soon.


BalletLA said...

Hi Inge! The prices for the morning classes are just slightly more expensive during the summer. If you buy one class, it's $1 more than an evening class (use your regular card and just pay $1).

Or you can buy a class card ($64 for 4, $120 for 8) which brings the cost down to $16 and $15, respectively.

I hope you can come to a Friday morning class - it's a great challenge!

:) leigh