Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ballet Intensive over - on to the classic Nut!

Melissa and I would like to thank everyone who attended the intensive over the past two weeks. We had a terrific time working with everyone - it's especially satisfying to watch people improve and make changes to their technique and their bodies in such a short period. It just goes to show you that consistency is one of the most important parts of training!

[For anyone who was involved in the partnering days and would like to see pictures of themselves being partnered by Jackson or Robson, please let me know your Facebook account or send me your email address so I can send you the link. The on-line photos are set to private view. Thank you!]

And on to the Nut! Nutcracker, that is. This year, Le Studio will be presenting a classical version of The Nutcracker which will be choreographed by Melissa, me and another ballet instructor at the studio, Susie Fioretti. Together we will be putting together a condensed show - with all the boring parts cut out! Ha! Seriously, though, it's going to be a fun show.

We'd like to give everyone at the studio a chance to perform with the ballet company. So if you are an adult student or the parent of a child at the studio and you'd like to be on stage, please consider our Nutcracker. We would love to have all ages and experience levels involved so we can make the show a true Le Studio endeavor. We are considering the afternoon of Sunday, December 12th as a possible date, so take a look at your calendars and let us know if you're interested. For my students, when we have a final date as well as a rehearsal schedule, I will remind you all at the start of the Fall season, which is next week!

And one final note: I will be teaching ALL of my regular classes on Labor Day, this Monday, September 6th, so if you have the day off, come take class with me in the morning or evening. Isabella is our accompanist in the morning and she is wonderful.

Happy dancing~

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