Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Octavia Cup Dance Theater

Hello everyone!

My friend Laura Ward has been choreographing and performing contemporary ballet for her NYC company, Octavia Cup Dance Theater, for over ten years and I'm so thrilled every time I see a new video of her work. I'd like to share a video she sent me recently. Her dancers have beautiful strong lines and terrific musicality in their movement. I love how Laura partners the women - they lift each other effortlessly!



KL said...


BalletLA said...

Beautiful piece, isn't it? Happy to share it~

Anonymous said...

I loved the this! I love how modern and fresh this piece was. I didn't know ballet could be so new...beautiful!

BalletLA said...

Ballet can be much more than the stuffy discipline people assume it is. Glad you liked it and kudos to Laura and her dancers~