Friday, December 10, 2010

A couple of addenda to my movie post...

First of all, does anyone watch "Fringe"? Okay, spoiler alert if you haven't seen Thursday's episode...

My mini-rant: did they have to make the dead ballerina a depressive suicide victim whose only joy in life came from ballet? They could have made her a beautiful dancer who died an untimely death or who was an accident victim or anything else! This made me sad as both a writer and a viewer. Another stereotype used just to give a character "depth."


Now, onto a happier addendum. I opened my Yahoo page and saw this wonderful article:

4 Ballet Moves for a Beautiful Body from Natalie Portman's trainer for "The Black Swan."

Yay! Bring ballet out into the open! Showcase it, encourage it, support it!

Happy dancing~


Anonymous said...

it's a pscho thriller, some called it scary movie. i almost did not want to see it, but many have told me that there are good dancing scenes; so i maybe go.

on another note, Ms. Portman started training for this movie 10 years ago, when she quit ballet at 12 or 15; and she said that it was days long training from classes to gym everyday(endurances and weights trainings)etc. and all that gave her a new respect towards ballet dancers. yes, hats off to you all ballerinas!!!

thank for teaching us this amazing athletic art; as well as in educating us about writing well.

-i/one of your fans...hehe :-.)

BalletLA said...


I didn't know Natalie Portman had trained when she was a young girl. A friend told me there actually wasn't that much dancing in it, which isn't surprising unless they wanted to use a body double a la Flashdance.

Btw, I heard that some studio is going to remake Footloose! Bring on the dancers!

Anonymous said...

it's inge again.
no dancing!?.
so she didn't really dance.
how disappointing.
she said in an interview that she had trained so hard, blah, blah, blah.
but, another ballet teacher said that actors are just drama queens anyway.

well, good thing i didn't see it, unless my psyho-thriller fan buddy forces me to go.

well, now back to reading...i need to read and learn to enjoy books more; besides, it's very bore here.

See you on 12/28 at 6:30; and 12/24 and 12/31...hopefully enough people say yes.

-i/one of your funny,haha, students.

MD Young said...

Darren Aronofsky's movie starring Natalie Portman as an increasingly unhinged ballerina gets points for being unlike anything else that's out there.

But being different isn't the same thing as being good. Watching this willfully deranged quasi-horrorfest, I would gratefully have chucked it all for a revival of "The Red Shoes," which was also pretty flagrant, though less deranged.

-By Peter Rainer, Film critic / December 3, 2010

MD Young said...

The Powell-Pressburger "Red Shoes" (1948) inspired an entire generation of girls to become ballerinas.

"Black Swan" is likely to have the opposite effect. Scrape off the film's heebie-jeebie folderol and you're left with this: Become a dancer, go mad.

BalletLA said...

MD Young, this is exactly my point: too many easy stereotypes get perpetuated by these movies and TV shows. I do, however, want to see Black Swan. :)