Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Zombie Ballet/Dancergirl book trailer!

Check this out!  Author Carol Tanzman, whose book DANCERGIRL I loved and reviewed not long ago, put together an amazing book trailer using a portion of my Zombie Ballet and included my dancers too!

Zombie Ballet, performed at ArtNight Pasadena, Oct 14th, 2011
This is only half of it.  Once my Ninja Webmaster finishes cutting the other videos, I'll post the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

Oh my how fun! Awesome job, everyone. How lucky i am to have a dance teacher who inspires us to read; YA might just be the way for me to be hooked on reading. Like! *click*

Anonymous said...

unknown? well, i am the behind the scene type of person, the promoter, the engine under the hood, no need to be known. haha, how appropriate. i guess my acct wasn't set up properly.


BalletLA said...

You're never anonymous with me, Inge! Glad you liked the trailer. :)