Monday, December 26, 2011

In 2012, I resolve to...

1. Start new ventures with both caution and enthusiasm.

Reason: I need to broaden my horizons as a teacher and a student.  My current schedule is not working for me the way I want it to but I have been either too busy to change - or too afraid.

2. Don't expect everything to be perfect.

Reason: As above, I have to go forward with gusto but also with the understanding that not everything I touch will turn to gold.  Whether that means a class I'm currently teaching or one I want to start or one I want to take, I have to recognize that most things fail.  If something succeeds, hurrah!  If not, move on!!

3. Be more in the moment beyond the classroom.

Reason: When I'm teaching, I forget everything outside the room. I love that! That's the feeling I want to have all the time.

4. Stop playing the blame game.

Reason: I worry constantly about whether students will come to class.  I worry about the weather keeping them away, the prices keeping them away, and so on.  I blame myself when they don't attend. I have to remember that 99% of the time, it has nothing to do with me. And that 1%?  Unless people tell me, I may never know!

5. Do more self-promotion.

Reason: I have long believed that the best advertising for my class is me: I take class, people see me, they like the way I dance or chat with them, they come.  Or word-of-mouth: they come, they recommend me.  This is totally passive! I need to be more active, including asking my current students to recommend me to their friends or write positive reviews of me on my Yelp page.

**And to get started on #5, here's my Yelp page if you want to recommend me: (Thanks!!)

Happy New Year and may your life be filled with joy and dance~

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