Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Like" my Facebook page for more fun~

Hi everyone!

I usually post all kinds of dance stuff on my Facebook page - class info, performance dates, and workshops - but lately everything's gotten kind of crowded.  I want to separate out my dance things from my writerly things and from my regular Leigh things (lol, like funny cat pictures!) so I've created a LeighBalletLA - FitBallet page that you can "like."  This way I can post all kinds of things very quickly and get the info out fast, which is necessary sometimes when schedules change or I hear about some great opportunities I want to share.

And speaking of share...please share my page with anyone you think might get something out of ballet or dance.  I'll post giveaways and discounts too, so it won't all be practical!  Here's the link to the page:


Thank you all and happy dancing~

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