Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flip-flopping on Flip-flops!

I am a big fan of sandals but this article from Dance Magazine has changed my mind:
Flip-Flop Flaws

Think twice before sliding on your favorite flip-flops this summer: They might be hurting your feet. Recent studies have shown that flip-flops can lead to tendonitis and other overuse problems. "Flip-flops don't allow the foot adequate time to rest and recover from a long day of training," says says Jenna Marchitello, a physical therapist who works with Washington Ballet dancers at in Arlington, Virginia. She suggests wearing shoes with good arch support, like sneakers, instead, and doing these exercises to strengthen your arches:
  • In a seated position, lift one toe at a time off the floor, beginning with the big toe. Hold for 5 seconds each toe. 
  • Spread your toes apart, holding 5-10 seconds before relaxing.
  • Pick up marbles with your toes, holding for 5 seconds before gently releasing.
(from Dance Magazine)

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