Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dance blog contest!

Nichelle at Dance Advantage is hosting a blog contest and I'm entering for the very first time! 

Among the categories is Teacher Talk, which I think is the category my blog best fits.  It's for blogs that address topics from teacher to student or teacher to teacher.  As my readers, you know I like to talk about pirouette technique or classroom etiquette or my pet peeves as a teacher.

So if you agree that my blog is a pretty cool one and you get some use out of it, I hope you'll jot down a comment below.  The blogs with the most comments will be finalists in Nichelle's contest. The winner will be named Editor's Choice! I'd love to be a finalist - there are some amazing dance blogs out there.

Reminder: please don't comment on Nichelle's blog - instead, please post your comment here!  Thank you for your support.


Anonymous said...

One successful businessperson suggests that there are 6 Ingredients for success:
Ambition, Vision, Execution, Determination, Luck, Timing.
I think proper techniques would fall in the execution section; since I am an intermediate dancer, I still rely heavily on luck; but thanks to Leigh’s instructions, I have had my moments of triumph and success in triple pirouettes. To happy dancing. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Once you reach a certain level of maturity as a dancer, you don't have to be in a classroom to understand what proper technique is. You can read about it and then apply it to your dancing. I take Leigh's classes regularly and I use her blog posts as a good supplement to class. I love when I can feel that I'm correctly applying what I've read. Keep up the good work, Leigh!

addy watson said...

I love this post, you are so wise, I don't really.
I think I'm still trying to find that 'purpose that's higher than myself' - I loved that line incidentally.
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Michelle said...

Leigh; you are a very talented dancer and teacher and this blog is great for those that are not able to take your classes in person. For those of us that are, the blog really helps us refine the work we do in your class. Thank you for all the effort in putting this together!!

Kathryn Leonard said...

Leigh: Great blog! Good luck in the contest.

Wilma said...

I'm lucky enough to be able to take classes with you, Leigh. I find your blog to be a wonderful supplement and are full of great reminders and tips that don't always sink in during class. Good luck with the contest!

iT said...

iT said...
Hello Leigh.
I agree with reader #2.
I take classes regularly when schedule permits; it is wonderful to have a ballet blog as a supplement and reference. I know the feeling that when I sense that I'm correctly applying what I've read or learned in class. It is so gratifying. Thank you Leigh!

H said...

The best parts about class with Leigh are corrections, explanations, and tips. I try to soak as much of it as possible during class, but I love to check the blog between classes for more insight and inspiration.

Megan Wood said...

Your tips and corrections absorb into my cerebral sponge much easier because of your blend of humor and technique! I LOVE having you as my teacher! Thanks for your dedication even when you're home not busting me for my protruding ribs ;)


Unknown said...

I love Leigh's blog and her classes! In between classes I read her new and past posts because they provide extra reminders and insight into what tools she gives us to work with while on our ballet journeys. If you're not in the Los Angeles/Pasadena area: read, read, read! And if you are near: read, read, read, and come to class!