Sunday, February 24, 2013

Class 2 of Elementary Ballet Workshop

In the second week of the workshop - my "crash course" in ballet designed to give you the ultra basics in steps as well as class progression and typical etiquette - I teasingly pop-quizzed my students from the previous week about the steps they'd learned and then added more. (They passed with flying colors!)

For them, and for you, in case you are interested in any future workshops I may do, the following is the additional material we learned:

--Grand plies in 1st and 2nd positions
--Tendus from 5th position
--Degages from 5th position
--Grand battements from 5th position
--Retire facing the barre, balancing
--Sautes in 1st position facing the barre
--Cambre with arm facing the barre
--Tendus and degages from the 5th in center
--Chassees in efface on the diagonal with arms in first

Next week we will tackle changements at the barre, sautes in the center and on the diagonal, rond de jambes a terre, and a reverence. And then the final week will see us putting together short combinations, like a typical class would. Whoo-hoo!

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