Thursday, February 13, 2014

FYI - Classes are in session on President's Day!

Beautiful dancers of Los Angeles and Pasadena: I will be teaching my classes as usual on Monday, February 17th. They are at Le Studio in Pasadena:

6PM Basic Pointe
6:30PM Beg/Intermediate Ballet
7:45PM Basic Ballet

So if you are looking for class on that day, be sure to come take it with me!

Also, a housekeeping note: I am always thrilled when I get emails from students who want to begin ballet as adults. To them I say, "Awesome!" However, at this time, the only location where I am teaching Basic Ballet (which is suitable for anyone at any level) is at Le Studio in Pasadena on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. I do not teach this class at Dance Arts Academy so please please do not purchase a class card through my blog because it is only valid for my classes at DAA, not at Le Studio.

If you ever have questions about a class, about the level, about what to wear, about my schedule...please send me an email first. I do issue refunds to people who make card purchases in error but it costs me to do so, plus it's disappointing for you as well.

Thanks and happy dancing!

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