Sunday, March 30, 2014

Class title changes at Le Studio

Hello dancer friends from LA and Pasadena!

As of this week, I am making the following changes to the names of my classes in Pasadena at Le Studio:

My Beg/Int Ballet is now called Intermediate.

My Basic Ballet is now called Beginner.

Will this affect the content of the classes? No.

Will this affect the student makeup of the classes? Probably not.

Will it open up the class to more students and to more vocabulary being taught? Absolutely.

The truth about drop-in classes is that the students change. In the case of the Beg/Int class, that was a designation I had inherited years ago when I started teaching at the studio. But it slowly evolved into being Intermediate. I want my students who take that class to know they can go to an Intermediate level class elsewhere and be perfectly fine in it.

As far as the Basic class, which is now Beginner, I want the flexibility of doing different things with that group. I have a core group which is consistent and has advanced and I want to respect them by calling this what it is, Beginner. It doesn't mean Basic students can't take the class but it gives me more of a range to accommodate them as well as my more experienced students.

For my current students, these designation changes mean nothing really, but for new students, I want them to be clear about what they are taking so they are not disappointed.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email. Otherwise, happy dancing~

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