Monday, September 1, 2014

Contest! Win a CD from Rachael Sage!

My first ever contest! Whoo-hoo! And what a great prize I have:

If you came by the blog last month, I posted an awesome interview with Rachael herself. She is a former dancer whose music has been featured on the reality television show, "Dance Moms." In fact, she was recently on the show in episode 25. If you want to see the episode, go here. Rachael's song, "Happiness," was used by dance star Maddie Ziegler in the episode.

Want to win a signed CD? Just comment below with your name (or any name, just don't be anonymous!) with a "hey, put my name in the mix, please!" and I'll draw a random winner in 2 weeks. US residents, please.

Enter by September 15!


lisa kopelke said...

Yay me, first one! lol I'm a former ballet mom. And sort of relieved at the "former" part though I miss it terribly. :(

Lisa Kopelke

Karen Rudy said...

Love stopping by your blog, Leigh! See you in class. ;)