Thursday, May 28, 2015

Step by Step: a new ballet workshop series starts June 18

Beautiful dancers, I'm so excited about a new series of workshops I'll be starting on June 18. Every other week, I'll be holding an hour long workshop devoted to breaking down and learning a couple of steps (for instance, transition steps like glissade or pas de bourree). Which is why I'm calling it:

I'd like to say I'm putting them all in a particular order because of XYZ or because I'm following a syllabus from some famous school but I'm not! I'm simply choosing steps I believe my students, and hopefully others, need to work on in order for them to grow as dancers or to move on to other levels of classes.

The first 10 scheduled workshops are:

6/18     Barre basics: plies, port de bras, tendus
7/2       Small jumps #1: changement, echappe, jete, assemble
7/16     Transitions #1: glissade, pas de bourree, chassee
7/30     Small jumps #2: entrechat quatre, royalle, sissonne
8/13     Transitions #2: balance, waltz, contretemps
8/27     Center adagio: developpes en croix, port de bras, promenade
9/10     Pirouettes: en dedans, fouette
9/24     Big jumps #1: saut de chat, pas de chat
10/8     Traveling turns: pique, chaine, lame duck
10/22   Big jumps #2: tour jete, saut de basque

Because they are every other week, I will have the opportunity to squeeze in additional workshops, should the need arise. For instance, if after the "barre basics" a group of students requests more time or more steps from the barre be broken down, I can offer a workshop the following week. 

Flexibility! After all, we are dancers! That is what we specialize in.

As with all of my workshops, the cost is $16/class. There is a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 10. If the minimum is not met and the workshop is canceled, I will refund students' money by PayPal.

You can sign up for any of the workshops, regardless of your level, and you do not need to do them in any order (for instance, you can do Small Jumps #2 even if you did not do Small Jumps #1).

Important information!
When: Thursdays, 8-9PM, beginning June 18
Where: Dance Arts Academy, 731 South La Brea Avenue, LA, CA 90036
Cost: $16

To reserve your spot(s), go to and choose any of the dates/workshop titles from the pull-down menu and sign-up through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. If you have any questions, please contact me!  Happy dancing, everyone~

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