Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday catch-up!

Happy Friday to all!

A few notes for students in LA and for readers everywhere:

1. Next week is Thanksgiving (what?!) but ALL of my classes, except actual Thanksgiving Day, will be happening. That means, Wednesday night too, for your last minute exercise before the big meal. And of course, come to class on Saturday morning if you need a respite from family and turkey. (Check my schedule below for the locations and times of all of my classes.)

2. A. 2 last workshops being held in 2015: Adagio #2 on December 3rd and Grand Allegro combinations on December 17th. Both at Dance Arts Academy from 8-9PM. Sign up at my website.

2. B. (or not 2B - ha!) Requests being taken NOW for January workshops at Dance Arts as well as a new series of workshops on Saturdays at Vonder Haar in La Canada. Yes, that's right: more workshops at another location and day! Contact me for more info and to get on the mailing list.

3. Looking for a good dance read? Check out my review of Lee Wilson's memoir, Rebel on Pointe, over at Dance Advantage. I also conducted a terrific interview with Lee herself, who happens to live in Los Angeles. Read it now and then get your own copy.

Happy dancing, everyone~


MissbossyChrissy said...

I am separated for two years now. I have lost weight and trying to regain myself again and I always wanted to take ballet. I'm in my 30's so why not. I wanted to know if there's begining classes in the Los Angeles area. Thank you.

Leigh Purtill said...

My beginners classes are in La Canada which is very close to L.A. Come try one!