Thursday, February 25, 2016

Street parking changes at Dance Arts Academy

Dita von Teese parks a car properly
For my LA students, please note the below information when you come to take class with me at Dance Arts Academy. On Tuesday, I got a $68 parking ticket because they changed a street sign overnight. I don't want that to happen to you!

**The blocks on 8th Street and 9th Street between Cochran and Dunsmuir near the school are now permit only after 6PM.  On 9th St, this includes both north and south sides of the street; on 8th St, it is currently only the south side so you can continue to park on the side closest to the school.

Additional street parking that is currently available:
--8th St between Dunsmuir and Burnside on the south side
--8th St between Burnside and Cochran on the north side
--9th St between Burnside and Ridgeley, both north and south sides
--Burnside between Wilshire and 8th on the east side
--Cochran between Wilshire and 8th on both east and west sides

There is metered parking til 8PM north and south of Wilshire and on the blocks west of La Brea.

Also, the lot between Cloverdale and Cochran is available until 9PM for $1/hr.

The lot directly across the street from DAA is convenient but pricier: $2.50/30 minutes although you get an hour free with validation from Lassens.

Finally, there is valet parking for $5, usually on the same block as DAA or on the block south where the restaurant is on the corner.

Bottom line: look at the signs! These free spots may change too.

Hope this helps~

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