Monday, April 11, 2016

New way to sign up for my workshops!

Several students had requested I add a shopping cart to my website in order to sign up for multiple workshops more easily. And now, I have one!

Pirouette workshop 2015

To use it, simply choose a workshop from either of the drop-down menus on my website and click "Add to cart." That will take you to the PayPal page. You can check out then or you can click "continue shopping" which will take you back to my website and you can choose another workshop.

(Hint: if you don't click "continue shopping" but want to add more workshops, leave that PayPal tab open and go back to the website tab. The cart will refresh automatically and you won't need to keep opening and closing it.)

You can add workshops from either location to your cart so if you want to sign up for a workshop at Dance Arts and then another one at Vonder Haar, they will both go into the same cart. You can remove items from your cart before purchase or change quantities if you are purchasing for a friend.

Whoo-hoo! Technology really can make life (or at least workshop shopping!) easier.

Happy dancing~

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