Sunday, July 24, 2016

Saturday Pointe Class REBOOT!

A number of my students have requested pointe class again and I'm very excited to bring it back on Saturdays 11:30AM-12:30PM at Inspire Dance Studio in La Canada. Because I have a number of students who are new to pointe, I'm going to structure it like this:

First half-hour at barre - technique:
 - exercises for articulation of feet and toes
 - exercises to strengthen ankles and calves
 - balancing en pointe
 - glissades and sousous, pique sousous (eventually echappe and soutenu)
Second half-hour in center - technique:
 - walking, running, glissades
 - tendus and degages (eventually echappes)
 - port de bras with developpe
 - traveling steps: waltz, balance, etc.
 - bourree and soutenu, easy turns

Occasional center combinations - phrases from variations
Some of my pointe students' feet!
The majority of the barre exercises will be the same from week to week to maximize time and measure progress. Center will vary and will not always include the same elements.

For beginners, the class is structured so that shoes can be taken off after barre (or after walking/tendu practice) and the rest of the class can be completed flat while still working on technique applicable to pointe. As beginners progress, they can eventually perform exercises like bourree and waltz first at the barre and then in the center as they build strength.

More experienced dancers can perform the entire class en pointe.

The class will begin on Saturday August 6. As with my other technique classes, pointe will be drop-in; you won't need to sign up in advance nor are you required to take it every week. For those dancers completely new to pointe, I ask that you not purchase shoes yet but take a class (or 3!) flat until we are confident you have the strength in your core and ankles to hold you properly. When you are, this article about fitting pointe shoes from physiotherapist Lisa Howell is an excellent resource. 
If you have any questions, please ask! Happy dancing~

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