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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Update: ScareLA, Tips from the Pirouette Workshop and Show Tickets!

Wow, it CAN'T be August already, can it? That means the "Sweet Sorrow" world premier is just 2 months away! Oh my goodness! But first there is ScareLA.

Last year, the horror convention was held in Pasadena. It was our first time there and we had a blast! And the audience loved us too, so the con asked us back for more. This time the convention will be in downtown LA. We'll be doing the dance again (always a bit different, of course!) and we'll also host a table and sell merchandise and show tickets. Want to see us?  Get tickets at our website, zombieballet.com and go to "Events." If you buy ScareLA tickets through that link, we'll get a small percentage too. Thank you!

And to tease you, this is what it looked like last year:

And if you want to get your tickets to the show in October, we've got those on-sale now at Eventbrite:

And finally, tips from the workshop on Sunday, which was loads of fun, even if most attendees did have sore legs the next day!

Pirouette Tip #1: wrap your arms in first position like you're holding something that doesn't want to be held.

Pirouette Tip #2: practice getting over your leg by springing to releve degage derriere from a 4th position demi-plie. The longer you can hold this position, the better and more stable your turn will be.

Happy dancing (and turning and ScareLA-ing)!

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