Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How to watch my videos

Oh sure, you think you can simply click on the video and settle in for a little show, maybe have a soda and snack by your side...think again! I can't do this alone - you have to get up and do it with me!

Now first things first, make sure your "barre" is sturdy. This means it should be properly weighted: if it's a chair, you can place a stack of books on it; if it's a railing, be certain it's nailed into the wall or floor well. You don't want to be holding onto it and accidentally pull it over on you.

If you're in your home, give yourself some space. Move the table or desk aside (of course, you need a good look at the computer so be sure you can see it!) so you have a little room to move.

If you're in your office - close the door! lol!!!

Be comfortable. Take off your shoes. Wear loose pants and shirt. This is for you and no one else.

And now, relax and enjoy. Press replay so you can do the exercise a few times, really absorb the instruction into your body.

As a question? Just ask!

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