Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Schedule update!

The summer intensive has begun and Melissa and I are truly excited about it! Everyone who participates will be eligible to join the studio's ballet company in the fall without having to audition for it - that's a good incentive, isn't it?

As a reminder, all of my adult classes for the next 2 weeks will be in session and the Tuesday class will start at 6:30 instead of 6PM. Which reminds me, starting in September, ALL of my adult classes will begin at 6:30 and I will be adding a second basic ballet class on Monday nights at 7:30 following my earlier class. Yay! It's a great class for beginners, for people who are coming back to class after an absence for whatever reason, or simply to work slowly and carefully on your skills.

My schedule at the bottom of the page will be updated for September.

Happy dancing and don't forget to check out the videos for some tips~

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