Saturday, July 17, 2010

Two great ballet resources

I just discovered two wonderful sites that are treasure troves of information for the ballet student.

The first is Ballet Connections, a website with many useful links for ballet companies, movies, interviews, books, music and more.

The second is a blog called Ballet Shoes and Pointe Shoes, a blog written by Dianne Buxton, who is a ballet instructor and book author. Among her posts are entries about extension, pointe work, men's classes, nutrition and much more.

I'll be adding these links to my sidebar for future reference.

Cheers and happy dancing~


Anonymous said...

hey, i haven't visited this site.
it has a lot of good info.
thank you for the resources.

BalletLA said...

Both of them also have some terrific information about technique and tips for nutrition, health, well-being, etc. Not just dance!