Friday, January 20, 2012

New class coming in February!

I’m so excited to be adding a brand new class to my schedule, this one at Dance Arts Academy on Wednesdays at 11AM.  A little bit later for you (and me!) who need some extra time in the mornings to get going.  But it ends at 12:30, which to me still says morning.  I chose the time because I think people want to finish earlier and have the rest of the afternoon to do whatever it is they need to do. 

It will be an Intermediate level ballet class for adults and for older teens as well.  Very similar to the class I offer at DAA on Monday mornings at 9:30AM.  The only difference is that I will be devoting the last 15 minutes of the class to something special.  Perhaps it will be original choreography or some contemporary ballet phrases that I want to work on (did someone say Zombie Ballet?), or maybe it’s stretching and core fitness (pushups and sit-ups, anyone?).  All I know is that I want to give the class a fun and exciting twist!

I hope you’ll put it on your schedule too!

What: Intermediate Ballet
Where: Dance Arts Academy, 731 So. La Brea, LA
When: Wednesdays, 11AM-12:30PM
Cost: $15/class (discount available with a class card)

Begins February 1st!  Happy dancing~

(And stay tuned for the next post when I discuss how the Pirouette Workshop went!)

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