Monday, November 12, 2012

Haley's Pre-Pointe Workbook (a guide for all dancers!)

This weekend, ballet instructor and dancer Haley Mathiot posted a wonderful and comprehensive guide for her pre-pointe students on her blog, Beyond the Barre, and generously invited readers to share it.  So I am!

BUT!  I don't think this is a resource solely for pre-pointe students. I believe it's a terrific resource for ALL dancers.  She covers the bones and muscles of the feet and hips, exercises to work on turnout and lift, plus reminders for ALL of us about how the body works. Using diagrams and photographs, she visually represents what is happening in our bodies when we dance, and specifically when we go en pointe.

Please read, absorb, share - and thank Haley for the effort she put into this guide!



Vera said...

Dear Leigh,
thank you so much for this post. I just begun to dance en pointe one week ago and i really can imagine, that this workbook will support my training.
Lovley greets!

BalletLA said...

Hi Vera! I'm so glad you stopped by to take a look at the workbook. Good luck with your pointe work!

Happy dancing!

Haleyknitz said...

Thanks so much for posting this!

BalletLA said...

Thank YOU for putting it together, Haley! It's a great resource that I hope more students will take a look at.


Anonymous said...

Check out