Sunday, March 3, 2013

Class 3 of Elementary Ballet Workshop

Our third week saw even more strides made by my students! The terms for the body positions (croise, efface, en face) gave them pause but otherwise, they retained all of the material we learned the week before. Yay!

Still following along at home?  Here are the new steps we learned in the third class:

--Grand plies in 4th position
--Coupe devant and coupe derriere
--Balancing with the leg in retire, facing the barre en releve
--Rond de jambe en dehors and rond de jambe en dedans
--Changements facing the barre
--Saute arabesque and saute passe, traveling on the diagonal
--Chassees in croise and efface, traveling on the diagonal
--Changements and sautes in 1st position in the center

We also added port de bras to our combinations at the barre.  The only step I left out was sousous at the barre, which will do next week. For our final class, we will do short plie, tendu, degage, rond de jambe, and grands battements combinations at the barre, as well as a short tendu and degage combination in the center.  We will finish with alternating sautes and chassees on the diagonal and a reverence.

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