Wednesday, April 3, 2013

10 Tips for Adult Newbies Who Aren't New to Ballet by Kathy Lu

Kathy Lu has a wonderful guest post at Dance Advantage which is one of my very favorite dance blogs. She discusses returning to ballet as an adult and having to absorb some harsh realities which she shares with other adults in a very amusing and honest way.

So many of my students are in this category. It can be a challenge as a teacher when someone comes back after years away and expects to be as good as they used to be. You know your body has changed in some measureable ways but there are some things you forget about when you're not dancing consistently (like using your inner thighs and pulling up your arches).

I think Kathy's list is tremendously valuable for teachers and for students themselves. If you are walking into my class after being gone for a while, I hope you will find some wisdom and encouragement in this list. If you're a teacher of adult students, it's a great reminder list of what is going through someone's head when they put their bodies and souls in our hands.

Thank you, Kathy, and thank you Nichelle, for letting me share this link with my students and friends.

Beginning Again in Ballet

Happy dancing~

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