Monday, April 15, 2013

New "Ask me a question" feature! Possibly involving zombies...

Every day it seems I get a new subscriber to the YouTube channel where I have my short videos about ballet (thank you!).  Often I will get questions from people about more specific issues they are having. I try to answer them on the channel but then only the questioner gets the feedback.  Sometimes it's a response that could be helpful to others. 

But a few weeks ago, I got a laptop that has a webcam so now I am thinking about adding a new feature to the channel and to my blog here, 

Ask a ballet question! I'm considering calling it "Ask a Zombie Ballerina" but we'll see...

So start sending in your questions about ballet to my email: They can be about technique or classes or stretches or anything you have problems with: turns, allegro, adagio, performance, pointe, etc. I have limited knowledge about injuries (not a doctor!) but sometimes I can offer a suggestion that will help with alignment.

Happy dancing~

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