Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A trip and a tip!

Wish you were here? So do I!
Ah beautiful dancers, it's the summer time which means fun and sun and vacations. I wish I could say I was a world traveler, a globe-trotting gadabout who loved to see the sights but alas, I am a homebody and a studio-body. I like nothing better than to watch Netflix with my husband and dog and to teach class.

But it's nice to get away too so this summer that's exactly what I'm doing. From Monday, July 20-Saturday, July 25, my classes at both Dance Arts Academy and Vonder Haar Center for the Performing Arts will be canceled.

On Monday, July 27, I will be back in the studio at VHC to teach as usual and on Thursday, July 30 I will hold my Small Jumps #2 workshop from 8-9PM at DAA. Each workshop has sold out so be sure to get your spot while you can.

I leave you with a tip! This is expanding on the "Open Your Eyes" post of last week.

Imagine you have eyes on your chest. 

I'm not being rude! I mean the top of your torso at your collarbones, directly under chin. Right where my hands are in this photo:
Picture eyes where my hands are and that will help lift you

Often when we dance in class, we close ourselves off from the rest of the room by subtly dipping our chin to our chests and making ourselves smaller. Even when doing a series of traveling turns across the floor, we pull back.

If you can imagine eyes on your chest, "seeing" where you are going, you will lift up and out instead of collapsing. This will help you stay upright during pirouettes and help you avoid sinking during slow movement like adagio.  Try it!

Happy dancing~

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