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Monday, May 1, 2017


Hello beautiful dancers and friends!

Many of you following me on Facebook know the Leigh Purtill Ballet Company's first production of SWEET SORROW, A ZOMBIE BALLET is October 8, at 4PM and 7PM at the Lanterman Auditorium in La Canada. If you're in town, I hope you'll come see us! And if you're not in town, then why not get a cool t-shirt instead?

But you don't have to live around here to enjoy the trailers that Rachel Swetnam (our Juliet!) put together. Check them out! The first one is a bit of a teaser:

While the second one is a behind-the-scenes peek! (Hey, that's me!)

Enjoy! And please share! We want everyone to know about our new company and our first big show.

Happy dancing~

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