Sunday, March 26, 2017

I'm subbing at Studio A on Monday 3/27

Hello local dancers!

Tomorrow, Monday 3/27, at 10:15AM, I'll be subbing for Micah at Studio A on Hyperion Avenue in Silverlake.

It will be a class similar to my Advanced Beginner class on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Because this is a sub situation, my class cards cannot be used but if you'd like to attend, the cost is $15, cash (I cannot accept credit cards since that would be going to me and not Micah).

Here is a link to the studio's website. At that time of day, there is usually plenty of street parking on Hyperion (free on the west side, metered on the east side).

2306 Hyperion Ave, Silver Lake, 90027

Antony Tudor teaching class in 1961

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